Yarmulka Size Pointers

Our general sizing is based on the Keter brand, most standard in the industry.

Our velvet line of yarmulkas are exclusively the IKIPPAH brand, newest to the industry.  The IKIPPAH velvet yarmulkas have a thicker rim than the Keter brand but most customers are still taking the same size in IKIPPAH and Keter yarmulkas.  

The Custom Shoppe (TCS) brand runs a bit different in sizing from Keter and IKIPPAH, but most customers are still taking the same size in all the brands.

Generally, most upsherin boys (3 year olds) start in a size 2 if they are on the smaller side, a size 3 if they are average in size, and a size 4 if they have a very big head. Of course this is very general and cannot be used as accurate measurements; every child's head is different.

In order to properly determine the correct size, we recommend that you try on a crisp, new yarmulka. We recommend new ones because velvet yarmulkas tend to shrink with wear. (And so, if your old yarmulkas seem too small, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to order the next size – it could be that they're worn and it’s just time for new ones!)

We are always happy to suggest a yarmulka size, so feel free to contact us.

*Please note that the faux suede, linen, and IKIPPAH brand yarmulkas tend to run 1/2 size big. Some customers choose to size down.